Defining the Scam in rhode island employment

Defining the  Scam in rhode island employment

Here we are  again, wondering what possibilities, if any exist  online  as legitament  job  opportunities. I’ve received  a few emails asking about a few opportunities specifically and wondering if i can do some research in an effort to determine whether or not they are legit or scam. This  of  course is focusing on rhode island employment. network ri is difficult enough being one of  the smaller of the states, the last thing we need is to deal with Scammer’s taking our hard earned money. I’ve looked into the few companies you’ve all asked about and hope this helps.

Motor Club of America (MCA) –

This one was easy for me because as a network marketer myself, I came across this opportunity myself and did my diligent research. In doing so, I did find that this company was in fact legit and running an honest business opportunity. So why then is it hard for some of us to determine if in fact this opportunity is real or scam? Well it’s pretty obvious that if any one types MCA into a search engine up pops dozens of videos from extremely amateur and sometimes “ghetto” appearing videos of several individuals flashing large amounts of money in an effort to “prove” that MCA works and you can make money from it. Traditionally, this begs scam and that is why people are afraid to capitalize on what it is offering. The mistake that MCA has made is that they really don’t put any specific guidelines on how to market and advertise the product except for the standard logo and material requirements, so anyone getting involved can (and have) marketed it to the best of their own ability. Hense the incredibly amateur looking videos you find on youtube when searching network ri, rhode island employment, and the mca opportunity.

MCA is a functioning company, originating in the 1920’s and servicing the USA and Canada. If you are not in either of these countries then you can not utilize their service or their business opportunity. Because it is a type of insurance they are offering (Auto club membership.) some states will require you to obtain a certain license in order to sell their product. Their site plainly states this and lists all of the states in the country, if you click on one it will tell you whether or not you need to have a license in that selected state. Their services are very much like the familiar AAA only MCA seems to offer more in respect to an automobiles needs.

To get started you must become a member. MCA doesn’t allow rhode island employment or any other state for that matter unless you are a member of their program. The cheapest package they have that allows you to get started is $19.95 per month. This package and higher allows you to become a memeber, get their services and begin the business opportunity. The initial cost is actually $39.90, which is the first and last months up front membership fee. After that it will cost you the $19.95 each month. As a member, you can take advantage of their referral program which is quite lucrative. They offer $80.00 for every member you sign up. What this is in essence is 17 months of commission up front. What that means is that if a member signs up and only utilizes 12 months of services, because they signed up under you, you are required to pay back MCA the remainder of that commission. It’s about $4.95 per month. They take those monies out of your upcoming commission checks not out of your bank account. So if you stop selling you don’t pay it back. This makes sense from a business perspective because why should the company pay full commission on a partial membership.  Also, if a member signs up using a temporary money card, the person they signed up under is given $9.00 for commission on that account and it is my understanding that they continue to receive monthly commissions in that amount for that account until that account has satisfied the full potential of commission. Again, from a business standpoint this makes sense. Again, what other way would the company be able to confirm this customer pays the following month if it is a temporary money card? They can’t, therefore they provide you your commission when they receive payment.

My advice to anyone wanting to get involved in the MCA opportunity, don’t sell MCA sell yourself. At this point, the product is legit but has gotten a lot of negative publicity because of the methods some people are using to market it. Market the product as it was intended to be marketed. stop promising thousands of dollars weekly in payouts because it’s not realistic and certainly doesn’t happen immediately and offer great training and support to your downline. There is a great chance to make great residuals with this company, stop being an amateur. Another thing you should keep in mind when considering Network ri is that MCA doesn’t allow you to change your sponsor (the person you sign up under) so choose very carefully because if they suck or they are flashing the cash in an amateur light then it might effect your success. As i said earlier, I have explored and am apart of this particular opportunity, we have a terrific training program to get you started, you can take a look HERE.

The other company some of you wanted me to look into, is this new opportunity gone viral. Its called wake up now. I’ve found this to be quite the interesting venture. It seems to be backed by some really big names like Walmart, target, chili’s just to name a few. What it is in essence is discount club membership and quite the expensive one if i do say so myself. The fee to get started is $100 but that isn’t a one time fee that is a monthly fee. They claim that the discounts within will help you to save way more than that $100 anyhow but I just don’t see the lower middle class taking advantage of this opportunity when on average the lower middle class doesn’t spend hundreds of dollars on these places in a month. Maybe Walmart or target but certainly not some of the other places. The lower middle class barely make enough money to make ends meat and have two coins to rub together afterward. Especially families of three or more. To obligate them to an aditional $100 monthly doesn’t seem realistic to me. Who knows I could be wrong, i’ve been wrong once before. 😉

When looking for the right rhode island employment or looking to network ri, it is imperative to always proceed with caution. Look at the company’s history, call and speak to the people on the other side of the company, ask a ton of questions, and make sure you ask to see their terms and conditions before getting involved with the opportunity. Learn more about making the right choice here.

All in all, make educated decisions because it is your money on the line. Please share this with anyone.


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